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Australian Business Woman nominated in Finals of Business Woman of the Year (Pet Industry Network)

15th July 2014

25 years ago Sylvia resigned from her job as manager of an RSPCA shelter in Wollongong, to form Bark Busters with her husband Danny. Their dream was to save dog's lives and to teach dog owners, who struggled with their dog's behaviour, how to speak dog.

Bark Busters started in Australia in 1989 and quickly spread to 7 countries. The organisation has now trained over 1 million dogs worldwide. Sylvia says, that's a lot of dog's lives saved but we can still do more.

Sylvia is no lightweight when it comes to knowing how to make a business successful having run an international business for 25 years nor is she a stranger to winning awards having won two Telstra Business Awards, the Ansett Business Owners Award and Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year (NSW) award.

Sylvia is now heading up operations in the USA where Bark Busters has been operating since 1999. Sylvia says that she is a very proud Australian and proud of what Australian's can achieve in the world's business market, we are a nation unafraid of change or challenge.

Sylvia and her husband took over the US operation in April 2013 and the company is now seeing a resurgence following the downturn in the economy during the financial meltdown.

Bark Busters are now experiencing a 20% growth across the board in their business since Sylvia and her husband took the reins in the US.

This Women's Pet Industry Network's nomination of Sylvia is an indication of her hard work and determination, not only to run her business professionally and effectively, but the ability she possesses to emulate her business success gained around the world in the US too.

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